About Us

Brainseed Global Aviation Services is an international airport training and consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Founded in July, 2009, Brainseed now supports various aviation organizations with meeting and event planning, employee training, staff management, conferences and customizable on-site training symposiums. Led by Will James, A.C.A., C.M., Brainseed draws upon over 25 years of extensive industry experience.

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Our Services

Brainseed Global Aviation Services is uniquely positioned in the aviation industry to provide its clients with the following services:

Professional Seminars and Conferences

Brainseed Global Aviation can help airports, and other industry organizations, plan and organize effective meetings of any size. We provide only the most successful speakers, and the most useful, up-to-date subject matters, so that you can get the most out of your time and investment.

Customized On-Site Training 
Our customizable training sessions can be tailored exclusively to your organization, based on your needs and those of your employees. Our expert instructors develop unique training sessions for every client's unique needs and requirements.

For more information about the services offered, please contact Will James  at wjames@brainseed.biz.

The Team


Will A. James, A.C.A., C.M.



Formerly a senior vice president with the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), Will James brings an unmatchable level of experience and expertise to Brainseed Global. For over 15 years, Will was responsible for creating and implementing AAAE's worldwide, on-site, employee training programs. Will also spearheaded a number of initiatives at AAAE, including the development of a computer-based interactive training system, and the introduction of five industry recognized employee certification programs. This leadership and training experience puts Will, and Brainseed, in the perfect position to design training sessions, certification programs, and conferences for the industry's top employers. Prior to joining the Association of Airport Executives, Will worked for Continental Airlines, and the Massachusetts Port Authority. With his twenty-plus years of experience in the aviation industry, Will has gained a complete understanding of training and conference planning, and is able to create the most effective educational solutions for his clients' needs.


Dorn R. Sanders

Director of Operations


Dorn has worked in the training and certification industry for over ten years. As a training manager for the American Association of Airport Executives, Dorn was responsible for overseeing industry meetings and seminars. She was put in charge of a number of high profile projects, including the implementation of training courses for the ARFF, and the creation of a certification program for Airfield Lighting Maintenance. Dorn has also worked for the American Board For Certification, where she managed six industry certification programs. In addition to directing operations for Brainseed Global, Dorn develops and manages online training courses for a non-profit organization, located in Alexandria, VA.


Dan Benyishay

Administrative Specialist


A recent graduate of Goucher College, where he majored in English and Philosophy, Dan brings helpful administrative and website management experience to Brainseed. Dan gained editorial experience working in various roles for his college newspaper, as a freelance designer and editor for a children's health issues nonprofit, and as a Managing Editor for the Washington Independent Review of Books. Dan has managed, edited and designed websites for a number of companies here in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.