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Jan 28, 2013

Brainseed Global Partners with Momberger Airport Information

Alexandria, VA – Brainseed Global Aviation Services (  has entered into an agreement with Air Trans Source Inc, publishers of the well-regarded global trade newsletter Momberger Airport Information ( Brainseed Global and Air Trans Source have formed this partnership to help spread useful training and industry news even farther throughout the aviation industry.

As part of this agreement, a selection of weekly industry news from Momberger Airport Information will be included on Brainseed Global’s website and in weekly newsletters. In addition to sharing information through Brainseed Global’s channels, Momberger Airport Information will also share announcements of Brainseed Global conferences through its own outlets.

“We’re very excited about this partnership,” said Will James, President of Brainseed Global. “For almost 40 years, Momberger Airport Information has been publishing useful information for airport employees from across the world. Brainseed is proud to begin including Momberger’s timely aviation news on our website and in our weekly newsletters.”

The purpose of this business partnership is to enhance professional training opportunities and provide timely, concise, and unbiased industry information for aviation professionals. The planning of further cooperation between Brainseed and Air Trans is under way in the areas of course development, expanded conference activities, and the development of multimedia training tools.




Will James, President, Brainseed Global Aviation Service, LLC

Tel.: +1-703-338-1877;  e-mail:


Martin Lamprecht, Publisher, Momberger Airport Information

Tel.: +1-519-833-4642; e-mail:


Background Information:

Brainseed Global Aviation Services, LLC is an international airport training and consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Founded in July, 2009, Brainseed now supports various aviation organizations with meeting and event planning, employee training, staff management, conferences and customizable on-site training symposiums. Led by Will James, A.C.A., C.M., Brainseed draws upon over 25 years of extensive industry experience.

Air Trans Source Inc. is an airport marketing support and consulting firm, based in the Toronto, Canada area that produces Momberger Airport Information, a biweekly newsletter published since 1973. Momberger Airport Information delivers global airport news and data fast and simple as the trusted, dependable source of information that is provided in a uniquely customizable, modular format and is completely advertising-free. 


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