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Letter from our President

Jan 7, 2013

At the beginning of last year I provided you our plan to enter the airport training market with the primary purpose of delivering unparallelled expert training for our niche market and to back it up with my personal guarantee. In the past year we did just that, and I'm happy to say that not one of our clients had to take us up on our guarantee - in fact, we had one client proclaim that we should charge more for our services. Honestly!

Brainseed Global is thriving and ready to challenge the industry in 2013. Our international Brainseed Training Advisory Committee (BTAC) has been hard at work to make sure our course offerings are diversified and meet today's, and tomorrow's, industry training needs. Brainseed staff remains committed to providing timely industry information, and responding to your needs.

To start the new year off right, we have just completed some helpful edits to our website. If you haven't checked it lately, take a moment to see the changes. With the altered design it will be easier for you to quickly find the most important information, including links to upcoming conferences, right from the home page. You might notice, for instance, that we have just added a Law Enforcement Symposium in March. You can easily find more information about it right from our homepage. (For more details on that, keep an eye out for next week!)

In addition to all these changes and updates, we have created a short introductory video that explains what makes Brainseed Global unique in the industry. Please feel free to send the video to colleagues interested in finding out more about us.

Brainseed Intro Video Thumbnail - link to watch

We are excited about our partnership with Spranza Inc., which will allow us to continue expanding beyond North America. In the next few weeks we will also be announcing a very promising alliance that will help Brainseed reach even more aviation professionals.

We are also working to build a platform for internet-based training for later this year. We recognize that certain training areas will benefit greatly from this manner of instruction and we expect to be fully ready to deliver through this vehicle in 2013.

Over the past year, I have received many comments (both positive and negative) about the direction of this company. I ‘expect’ and ‘invite’ both. Brainseed Global is growing and we plan to continue expanding. I can only develop and deliver services by receiving comments from you, so please keep the comments coming. My personal email is

Happy New Year and stay tuned for future developments for “your” still burgeoning aviation training company.

My best,

Will James
Brainseed Global Aviation Services

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