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Brainseed Global partners with Spranza, LLC

Sep 26, 2012

The new partnership helps advance the aviation industry through new international training courses and the publication of informative articles.

September 26, 2012, Alexandria, VA -- Brainseed Global Aviation Services and Spranza, LLC. are announcing a partnership that will help advance online aviation information throughout North America and the rest of the world. This education will take the form of an online article publishing platform on Brainseed Global’s website ( Brainseed Global users have access to exclusive aviation articles produced by staff members of Spranza, LLC and members of the AVSEC-Center Consortium.

As a test run, Brainseed Global and Spranza  LLC have already published 3 articles to much interest and excitement from industry professionals. Articles will be posted on a weekly basis and featured in Brainseed Global and Spranza, LLC. promotions.  The first articles revolved around issues facing Airport Employee Management, Passenger Profiling, and Airport Strategic Planning.

Spranza, LLC draws from more than 30 years of experience in the Aviation Training and Consulting industries to write compelling and informative articles that help advance aviation education. With training centers in Ft. Pierce, Florida, Christ Church, Barbados and Sofia, Bulgaria, Spranza, LLC also brings an extensive background in ICAO regulation and instruction to the partnership.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Spranza,” said Will James, President of Brainseed Global.  “The Spranza team have far-reaching experience in the industry and their articles are fantastic tools for aviation professionals looking to learn something new and useful.”

As part of the partnership, Brainseed Global will also begin conducting international aviation training in conjunction with Spranza, LLC at Spranza training facilities, starting in 2013. Both companies are pleased to be working together to advance the aviation training industry and help improve airport operations around the world.

More about Brainseed Global Aviation Services and Spranza, LLC.

Brainseed Global Aviation Services is an international airport training and consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Founded in July, 2009, Brainseed now supports various aviation organizations with, employee training, staff management, conferences and customizable on-site training symposiums. Led by Will James, A.C.A., C.M., Brainseed draws upon over 25 years of extensive industry experience.

Spranza's approach to training combines hands-on practice and academic instruction. Test results indicate Spranza’s students come away from training courses with an average increase in their job knowledge and skills of 76%. Spranza has a long history of training in civil aviation and airport security that exceeds both IATA and ICAO training standards.


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