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Mid-Year Report

Aug 13, 2012

Looking Back


I'm proud to say that the first half of this year has been great for Brainseed Global and our commitment to providing the best aviation training possible has not wavered. Since our first-quarter report earlier this year, we have conducted two on-site training courses at Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) and another Airport Law Enforcement Officer Symposium at Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO).


Brainseed conducted two on-site training sessions at Dallas Love Field. To see more pictures of the meetings, click here


We also received an outpouring of support and industry feedback from the first Brainseed Global Industry Needs Survey earlier this year. From the feedback we received in the survey we were able to make even more enhancements and improvements to our course offerings. The survey was instrumental to Brainseed's commitment to the aviation training industry: it helped us form the Brainseed Training Advisory Committee (BTAC), a group of experienced professionals from around the world who have already met with us twice to discuss industry training needs.    


In addition, we drew our Daily Aviation Quiz to a close and announced three winners out of the hundreds who participated in the quiz and challenged themselves to learn something new every day. We also began featuring "Friends of Brainseed Global" in our weekly emails, a new feature that highlights aviation professionals from across the world.



Moving Forward 


The recurring BTAC meetings have already helped Brainseed Global tremendously and will continue to do so. As a result of the committee's suggestions, we will be rolling out new features on the website, including a section that will make it easier for aviation professionals to find news relevant to their specialty areas, a place for experts to publish interesting and useful articles, and a new updates area on the homepage that will have the latest news from Brainseed Global.  


Also as a result of these BTAC meetings, later this year we will conduct an expanded Industry Needs Survey, and next year we will have an international aviation conference. If you have any suggestions of your own, please email


I'm also very pleased with both the quantity and quality of industry conferences slated for the balance of this year. In addition to six scheduled on-sites, we will be presenting both Basic and Advanced Airport Operations Practicums in September, as well as three brand new conferences, some of which are completely unique in the industry. The General Aviation Security Forum, Airport Commissioners Academy and Airport Strategic Planning Primer will each feature the expert instructors and fascinating guest speakers that you have come to expect from Brainseed Global conferences.


Everyone at Brainseed Global and I are committed to changing aviation training for the better, and I think you will agree that we are making progress and are well on our way.


If you or someone you know might be interested in being a part of this change, please send me an email at



Thank you for your support,


Will James, ACA 

(703) 825-3036  


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