These are just a few of the endorsements of Will James and Brainseed Global Aviation Services. For a full list of more than 40 recommendations, connect with Will on LinkedIn.  linkedin


Nedra Farrar Swift, Immediate Past Chair, Airport Minority Advisory Council
"I have known Will James for well over 20 years through our affiliation with the Airport Minority Advisory Council and the American Association of Airport Executives. Will's generosity of talents and spirit was essential in the success of both organizations. He is a 100% person. He gives 100%, 100% of the time. Will is the consummate professional at all times and his work products always reflect that attitude. The value of any organization would be heightened through its affiliation with Will James."

Maria E. Bordas, General Manager, Business Analysis and Departmental Performance, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
"The Aviation Department of PANYNJ is pleased to be associated with Will James and we are very supportive of his new company, Brainseed Gloval Aviation. He brings high integrity, enormous networking, and knowledge of the aviation industry. Our experiences with Will have yielded excellent results, his training programs are on target, and he shows great flexibility in re-designing programs to meet our needs."

Steve Berardo Principal Airport Planner, Jacobs
"I worked with Will while he was at AAAE, and also knew him thrugh his actvities as an alumini of Daniel Webster College. In the time that we worked together Will managed both meetings and the AAE accreditation process. He was a tremendous resource in terms of knowledge of the airport industry and contacts throughout the industry. He also demonstrated excellent management skills by organizing, overseeing, and coordinating multiple large and complex events simultaneously. I worked closely with Will on several of those meetings, and was extremely impressed with his ability to manage and oversee them, and more importantly - see first-hand the value they provided to the participants. At the same time, Will was always friendly, professional, helpful, approachable - particularly under pressure. He has been a tremendous asset for our industry."

Shack Shackelford, Deputy Airport Director, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority
"I have known and worked with Will James since 1994 and I am familiar with his attitude, knowledge, skills, abilities and work performance. In my 45 year career as an airport engineer, airport executive in the USA and Middle East, program manager, business owner and consultant, I have had many opportunities to work with people from all backgrounds and skill levels. The characteristics that I have found to be a winning combination are honesty, trustworthiness, respect for people, the ability to communicate and articulate goals, objectives and issues, and dedication to the organization and mission. Will James is a leader who exhibits all of these characteristics daily. Respect and trust are never given, they are always earned. Will James has earned my respect and trust demonstrating his character, knowledge, skills and abilities many times over a long period of time. He is an outstanding leader and manager. He is a senior level leader who is accomplished and knowledgeable civil aviation security, logistics, processes, money management, contracting, training and supporting his team and clients with accurate, concise and pertinent information. He out performs others in this area given his attention to detail and skill with written and oral communication and clear understanding of meeting dynamics and interpersonal skills. His interpersonal relationship skills are developed to an outstanding level. Will has the unique ability to effectively deal with a broad range of people. He can effectively communicate with the newest hired laborer to a Cabinet level distinguished visitor. This rare quality makes Will and invaluable member of any team. His knowledge, skills and the ability to perform with a high level of consistency to high standards under pressure in intense high risk environments are some of the reasons of his leadership success. Will is a talented man who has an outstanding grasp of civil government processes and procedures, airport and airline operations, human and political science and training dynamics. He is a quick learner and has the 'can do' attitude that makes him a valuable team member and team leader. He is a self starter, holds high standards, exhibits leadership, job knowledge, vast knowledge and experience and diplomacy. Will has and uses a participative management style which is so very conducive to working with highly skilled professionals, government officers and elected officials. In comparison to others in his field, Will James is far superior to them in knowledge, skills and ability. He accomplishes his mission with grace and decorum and is a consummate gentleman who quickly establishes himself with groups and teams as a knowledgeable leader. Will James is a fine man of character with great leadership ability and has accomplished the mission in an outstanding manner and fashion. He is every bit the consummate expert and gentleman and any organization would be fortunate to have Will on their team."

Jack Kreckie, Deputy Fire Chief, Massport Authority
"I have known Will James for over 20 years. We worked together in the airport setting and again during multiple education venues that Will organized around the country. Will is a consummate aviation professional, a knowledgeable resource and at all times, a gentlemen. Will has my full endorsement and I would certainly recommend Will for your next project!"

James C. B. Wilson, VP, Business Alliances, Hudson Group Retail
"Will James has been the best meeting planner with whom I have worked over decades. He is intensely punctual and he manages schedules and resources with a keen eye for the ultimate outcome."

Barbara Patzner, Airport Director, L. G. Hanscom Field, Massachusetts Port Authority
"Brainseed Global Aviation is in good hands with Will James. I worked with Will throughout his aviation career. I was his Manager at Continental Airlines-Boston and at Hanscom Field with Massport. He has always been energetic, tenacious, hard working, intelligent and always goes the extra mile. I have followed him through his work at AAAE where he was very successful and I'm sure he will do well equally well in his new business endeavor - Brainseed Global Aviation Services."

Chang G Park, Aviation Professional (Former ICN Training Director)
"Will is a man of trustworthiness and honor. He provided me with excellent training programs for our airport employee for years, which resulted in a great success for us to maintain the best operational conditions of the Incheon airport of Korea."

Tina Hone, At Large Member, Fairfax County School Board
"Will is wonderful! I appointed Will to serve as my representative to one of our community advisory committees. Not only did Will show the personal grace to make immediate friends and allies, he was diligent in keeping me informed and recommending creative plans of action. He was invaluable to me and my service on the school board."

Elaine Roberts, A.A.E., President & CEO, Columbus Regional Airport Authority
"Will is a dynamic communicator and trainer. He's high energy, well received by his audiences and is in high demand for repeat engagements. Will has high integrity and is a strong professional."

John Duval A.A.E., Past Chairman of the Board, AAAE
"Will is the ultimate professional. He runs meetings and training programs with attention to every detail and creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement. I've travelled the world with Will and watched him do this in diverse cultures such as India, China and Africa. He is equally comfortable and competent with industry executives across America. I highly recommend Will without reservation."

Michael O'Donnell, A.A.E., Director, Office of Airport Safety and Standards, FAA
"Will is a true professional and has what it takes to meet any challenge."

Rolenda Lujan Faasuamalie, Airport Marketing Administrator and Spokesperson, Guam International Airport Authority
"Will James provided customized training and network forums for the A.B.Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam throughout the years. His service is invaluable to Guam and the surrounding regional airports in that he was able to merge a diverse range of interests and provide practical, relevant material that could be effectively implemented under the different guidelines and regulations under which the participating entities operate. Will's strength also is in communicating developmental need and good business practices to political players in our community - the buy in discussions were effective in getting our regional airport messages to island leaders. Will was recognized with a Gubernatorial and Legislative Resolution after the first US Asia Pacific Network Forum for Airports held on Guam, and his reach into the Asian Airports was useful in developing an operational exchange experience between Guam and bigger Asian airports. We endorse Wil James' services for all Airports looking to develop its skills in airport management and operations."

Krys Bart, CEO, Reno-Tahoe International Airport
"I have known Will for many years and feel that he is one of the best trainers i have ever worked with. His passion and knowledge is clearly evident in all the classes he presents. While he tailors classes to the audience he also stands behind the results. He brings a cost effective approach to organizations that otherwise could not afford to train multiple staff at the same time. I highly recommend Will and look forward to future classes."


Fanny Rivera, Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights and FAA Diversity Advocate, Federal Aviation Administration
"I have collaborated with Will James, regarding the Airport Minority Advisory Council and the Federal Aviation Administration. Will has worked with the Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program and has provided assistance to many companies and partners. Will's qualities are trust, integrity, innovation, and camaraderie. Thank you for all that you do for the FAA!!!"

Robert Junge, Manager, Airport Operations, JFK International Airport
"Will has well honed skills in customer service and a keen attention to detail when delivering products. We have worked together within the aviation industry for many years, his expertise and adaptive abilities have consistently positioned him for success. Our latest project was extremely well received by all participants and has become a critical part of our core knowledge base in preparing / ensuring successful succession planning."

Randall Berg, A.A.E. Director of Airport Operations, Salt Lake City Corporation/Department of Airports
"I can assure you that Will James is a true professional. It is with great pleasure that I endorse Will and his Brainseed Global Team both personally and professionally!!"